Radio Production

Kauanui served as the sole producer and host of a public affairs radio program, “Indigenous Politics: from Native New England and Beyond,” which is created in the studios of WESU station. The show launched in February 2007 and ran continuously until June 2012 and was widely syndicated throughout a dozen states on Pacifica radio affiliate stations. The audio archives can be accessed to listen to all past episodes:

In addition,  she collaborated with a group of students and recent alumni as co-producer and co-host of an anarchist politics radio show, “Horizontal Power Hour” (also on WESU). The show aired from September 2010 – May 2013. Here’s a link to our audio archive if you’d like to check out the program:

In February 2014, with a new group of students, Kauanui helped launch a program called “Anarchy on Air,” which is also produced and broadcast through WESU. The show has been on air-for three seasons, and season four launched in September 2015. The program is currently on hiatus. The audio archive can be accessed here:

Kauanui is also a music DJ whose moniker is “Pineapple Krush.” From 2007-2011 she hosted a winter recess music show, “Going Underground” (named after the song by The Jam) that featured original post-punk, 2nd wave ska and dub, and contemporary indie of multiple genres, including: dream pop, contemporary post-punk (e.g., Priests, Shopping, Franz Ferdinand), synth-pop, indie electronic (e.g. Tycho, Little Dragon, Twin Shadow), dance-punk (e.g., ChkChkChk), alternative/indie rock (e.g. Foals, Warpaint), Lo-Fi, and indie folk-rock (e.g. Real Estate, Bear, Fleet Foxes). She occasionally does live gigs, as well as fill-in shows on air.